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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Cambodia Cancels Covid Restrictions for Public Gatherings

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The Prime Minister of Cambodia has announced the cancellation of mandatory facemasks for mass gatherings after the country witnessed no surge in Covid-19 cases during the Cambodian New Year.

Khmer Times reports that Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said that Cambodia will discontinue the mandatory facemask-wearing and Covid-19 rapid testing at public gatherings.

PM Hun Sen said on Wednesday that the Khmer New Year celebration would not be affected by the Covid-19 cases and that facemasks would no longer be required for public gatherings in Cambodia.

Those who wish to wear facemasks to protect themselves from Covid-19 and take rapid tests will be permitted to do so, he added.

“Rapid tests were even planned for the SEA Games, which will kick off in two weeks, but from now on, there is no need to employ rapid test kits and it is no longer necessary for medical personnel to stand by to test participants in the upcoming sporting events,” said the PM Hun Sen.

However, he has urged Cambodia’s Ministry of Health to keep monitoring the Covid-19 situation and advised the residents to maintain good hygiene, particularly, washing their hands from time to time.

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