Motorists in Laos Urged to Pay Road Tax by September


The Ministry of Finance has advised residents across the country to pay their road taxes by September this year.

The ministry has issued a notice addressing individuals, legal entities, and organizations that own or use vehicles to clear their road tax payments by the end of September.

Car shop owners will pay road taxes for vehicles that have been registered and sold as second-hand cars.

For vehicles that have been bought and sold with a downpayment or without a transfer of ownership, the actual owner of the vehicle is responsible for paying the taxes.

The individuals, legal entities, and organizations that will purchase a new vehicle (from a shop) from October to December this year will need to pay their road tax in the next year.

Those who miss the deadline will be fined around 0.1% per day, and this would vary depending on the type of vehicle.

Motorists can make payments through the mobile banking system of their bank or pay in cash at the tax department.

Ministry of Finance introduced new electronic road tax stickers in February that can be used in place of traditional physical stickers for road tax payments this year.