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Ministry of Finance Issues New Electronic Road Tax Stickers for 2023

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Laos’ Ministry of Finance has introduced new electronic road tax stickers that can be used in place of traditional physical stickers.

A notice issued by the Ministry of Finance states that it has developed electronic road tax systems that now allow the use of “electronic stickers” that do not need to be printed, while motorists will still be able to purchase and use the traditional physical stickers if they prefer.

Motorists can pay road tax via a mobile application at key commercial banks that will issue an e-sticker. This can be shown to traffic police officers from the mobile phone screen as evidence of tax payment, while regular paper road tax stickers can be issued at select banks and tax offices.

According to the ministry, the regular road tax stickers contain certain features to help prevent counterfeiting. The stickers are 9 cm x 4.5 cm in size, bear the logo of the Department of Tax, and the phrases Ministry of Finance, Department of Tax, and Road Tax 2023.

The information on regular road tax stickers also includes the license plate number, vehicle and engine type, payment date, payment amount, QR code, barcode, and engine number.

The Bank of Laos Facebook page recently stated that vehicle owners can pay 2023 road tax with new channels and via “various mobile applications,” at bank branches, at the tax department directly, or at their local village office.

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