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Nine Injured After Being Struck by Lightning in Oudomxay Province

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A group of farmers in Oudomxay province was injured on Wednesday after being struck by lightning while working on their farm during a thunderstorm.

According to Lao Phatthana, the nine farmers were stationed at their farms when a sudden thunderstorm hit the area. Lightning struck the farmers, causing them to sustain heavy injuries.

They were immediately taken to a local hospital where they are currently receiving medical treatment. However, it is still not confirmed by authorities if all of the injured individuals are in stable condition.

Lightning strikes are not uncommon in Laos, especially during the rainy season. In May 2022, a group of residents driving a tractor in Khammouane were struck by thunder, resulting in one fatality and three injuries. Additionally, thunderstorms killed 27 cows in Xayaboury in 2018.

This incident has brought attention to the imminent dangers of being outdoors during severe weather conditions. Lightning can strike from a distance of up to 6.098 kilometers (10 miles away) from the storm, putting anyone outside at risk.

This week’s weather prediction has said that a high-pressure system will bring in cold air, causing rain, thunderstorms, strong winds, and hail in several parts of the country.

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