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Vegetables Get More Expensive in Laos After New Year Celebration

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Vegetable prices in Laos have increased following Lao New Year celebrations primarily due to the country’s soaring inflation rate.

Lao Economic Daily reports that some vegetable and meat prices have doubled after the Lao New Year festivities in April.

In May, That Luang Lake Market saw an increase in the prices of Thai eggplant and white eggplant from LAK 10,000 to LAK 20,000 per kilogram, white cabbage from LAK 10,000 to LAK 12,000, and angel mushroom to LAK 50,000.

Other vegetables that have also got more expensive include cilantro whose cost jumped from LAK 65,000 to over LAK 100,000, green onion from LAK 50,000 to LAK 65,000, lettuce from LAK 20,000 to LAK 26,000, morning glory from LAK 5,000 to LAK 12,000, and Chinese spinach from LAK 8,000 to LAK 10,000.

Other vegetables like bok choy, lime, chili, sawtooth coriander, tomato, cucumber, and bell paper, have experienced a slight decrease or their prices have remained stable on the market.

Meat prices have also gone up with per kg of beef now costing LAK 125,000, pork prices have gone up from LAK 45,000 to LAK 78,000, tilapia at LAK 43,000, catfish LAK at 30,000 and rice from LAK 150,000 to LAK 190,000, depending on the type of rice.

Inflation in Laos has experienced a steady rise this year, with an average rate of 40.8 percent reported in the first quarter of 2023.

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