New Law in Vietnam to Require Social Media Users Verify Identity

Vietnamese people on phones using social media.

State media in Vietnam reported on Monday that the government is planning to enforce a new rule that requires social media users, regardless of whether they are using local or foreign platforms, to authenticate their identity.

This new measure is aimed at curbing online scams and will be implemented by the end of the year as an amendment to the Telecommunications Law.

Reuters reports that according to Voice of Vietnam, the new rule will allow law enforcement authorities to track down offenders who break the law using social media. The report also stated that both individual and organizational users will be subject to the measure.

While the details of the regulation have not yet been released, it is expected that not all providers currently offer identity verification in Vietnam.

The proposal will require the approval of the country’s lawmakers.

In recent years, Vietnam has implemented several cybersecurity laws aimed at regulating foreign social media platforms and combatting disinformation in news. These laws have also forced foreign tech firms to establish representative offices in Vietnam and store data in the country.