Lao Specialty Coffee Producers Set Their Eyes on European Market

The World of Coffee Athens: Showcasing Lao Specialty Coffee to the European Market
Members of the Lao Coffee Association at the World of Coffee event in Athens, Greece. (Photo: CLEAN)

The Specialty Coffee Association’s annual “World of Coffee” (WOC) exhibition, a highly anticipated event for coffee industry professionals worldwide, will be held from 22–24 June 2023 in Athens, Greece.

This presents a significant opportunity for Lao coffee producers to gain exposure in the European market.

In recent years, Lao coffee has gained recognition as a specialty coffee origin, thanks to its unique geographical conditions and traditional farming practices that contribute to the production of high-quality beans with distinct flavors. The WOC Athens exhibition will provide Lao coffee producers with a platform to bring their specialty coffee to industry professionals and coffee enthusiasts from around the globe.

Five prominent Lao coffee companies, namely Comma Coffee, Mueang Xieng Coffee, Nambeng Coffee Group, Phouphieng Paksong, and Vanmai Coffee, have been selected to participate in the WOC exhibition. These companies were chosen based on their involvement in the Lao Annual Green Coffee Competition held in March 2023.

Awards from the World of Coffee Event in Athens, Greece. (Photo: ITC/Singhalath)

The ARISE Plus, UK Trade Partnerships (UKTP), and Winrock CLEAN projects are collaborating to support the participation of these companies in the exhibition, aiming to promote the Lao coffee industry as a whole, along with the individual businesses exhibiting.

“The Lao Coffee Association is delighted to reaffirm our partnership with ARISE Plus, the UKTP, and the CLEAN projects in a joint effort to bolster the Lao coffee industry. We are proud to participate in Europe’s largest coffee trade show, which presents an unparalleled opportunity for Lao coffee producers to showcase their products and reach new markets. This collaboration is a testament to our unwavering commitment to expanding Lao Coffee’s visibility and marketability. We hope to see the positive outcomes of this collaboration and remain steadfast in our resolve to fortify the Lao coffee sector,” said Bounheuang Carol Litdang, President of the Lao Coffee Association (LCA).

WOC Athens 2023 is Europe’s premier coffee event, providing Lao coffee companies with a unique platform to showcase their specialty coffee offerings to industry professionals and coffee enthusiasts from around the world. Participation in this event allows Lao coffee producers to gain valuable market exposure and insights into the European specialty coffee industry.

“The ITC Arise Plus and the UKTP projects are delighted to be with our partners, working with and supporting the Lao coffee industry and coffee businesses at the World of Coffee in Athens. Their continuous presence at this flagship event will enhance their credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of the European coffee market and community,” said Nick Watson, Agribusiness Adviser, International Trade Centre.

Scenes during the World of Coffee event in Athens, Greece. (Photo: CLEAN)

With over 300 exhibitors and an expected attendance of more than 10,000 from 80 nations, WOC Athens 2023 offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with potential buyers and importers. Lao coffee producers can showcase their distinctive coffee offerings, share their stories, and promote Laos as a specialty coffee origin.

“The USDA-funded CLEAN Project implemented by Winrock International is delighted once again to support our Lao coffee producers and government officials to attend this year’s World of Coffee in Athens, Greece, to promote the high-quality coffee from Laos. This is a wonderful opportunity for our participants to highlight their ecological approach to production and their processing practices to meet new market demands,” said Alex Dahan, Chief of Party, Winrock International in Laos.

Scenes during the World of Coffee event in Athens, Greece. (Photo: CLEAN)

“I am glad to see today that the results of all partners’ support have been linked in Athens to some of the largest buyers of coffee in Europe and beyond, and I wish great success to all of our participants attending the event,” Alex added.