Vientiane Petroleum State Enterprise Starts Importing Fuel From China

Vientiane Petroleum State Enterprise Starts Oil Imports From China
Oil tankers from SINOTEC Hong Kong, imported from China to Laos. (Photo: Lao Military's General Department)

The first shipments arrived in Laos this week after an MoU was signed between the Vientiane Petroleum State Enterprise, SINOPEC Hong Kong, and SINOLAO on 26 May, to import fuel from China.

The MoU which was signed between the three parties laid out the principles of cooperation in importing fuel for wholesale and retail distribution in Laos.

After SINOLAO Investment Company complied with the aforementioned MoU, in coordination with Sinopec Hong Kong, the first consignment of fuel was delivered on 27 June. 

As listed in the MoU, SINOPEC Hong Kong will import and deliver various types of fuel to Laos in strict accordance with the specified quantities, listed in the contract.

On Tuesday, SINOPEC Hong Kong delivered the fuel to Vientiane State Petroleum Corporation and SINOLAO Investment at the Boten international border crossing in Luang Namtha province. 

Representatives from SINOLAO Investment Limited, SINOPEC Hong Kong, the General Department of the Army, and employees from the related organizations were present during the arrival of the first fuel tankers.

Vientiane Petroleum State Enterprise is managed by the Lao Ministry of National Security.