China Southern Power Grid to Expand Energy Investment in Laos

China Southern Power Grid Eyes More Power Investment Opportunities in Laos
FILE: transmission poles in Laos (photo: Electricite Du Laos)

China Southern Power Grid (CSG) will seek more opportunities in Laos after being an active power investor and trading partner in the country.

According to Vientiane Times, the General Manager of CSG’s International Cooperation Department, Li Xinhao recently said that the Chinese-state-owned company and partner countries in the region have helped each other balance power supplies depending on the time of the year.

This is because China exports energy during the dry season in Southeast Asia and imports during wet seasons when the electricity generation capacity increases in neighboring nations.    

To that effect, Li said that CSG is planning to build more transmission lines in Laos and help it extend transmission lines to neighboring countries to increase interconnection among the Lancang Mekong nations in the future.

With Laos’ ample capacity of generating hydroelectricity for sale to neighboring countries due to its abundant rivers, CSG considers it a great opportunity for the company to expand its energy investment here.

Regarding the two-way power trade between Laos and China, Li added that it is currently not substantial as only 115kV interconnecting transmission lines have been installed, but its capacity will be ramped up in the coming years.

“We are launching a 500kV project so that in the future there will be more power trade between China and Laos,” he said.

The Laos-China Railway is also powered by the China Southern Power Grid Company (along with Electricite du Laos), which helped Laos erect electricity transmission poles along the railway.