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Monday, June 17, 2024

Provincial Authorities Provide Aid to Flood Victims in Savannakhet

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More than 130 villages have been affected by heavy rains and over 10,000 households were displaced due to flooding in the province since last week.

Torrential downpour in Savannakhet has caused rivers to overflow into homes, farmland, and roads, making it difficult for residents to move around.

Savannakhet Provincial Governor, Mr. Bounchom Oubonpaserth, with provincial authorities, visited the affected areas in the four districts of Atsaphone, Atsaphangthong, Phalanxay, and Champhone on Wednesday, to monitor and manage the flooding situation.

He expressed concern and directed relevant authorities, especially the Disaster Prevention and Control Department, to assist the flood victims urgently.

“Send boats to the affected areas to help in rescue efforts and move people to safety,”  Mr. Bounchom says adding that any broken bridges should also be repaired immediately as that would benefit many villages.

Additionally, the provincial authorities also brought drinking water, pre-packaged food, and some money that was distributed to the affected victims.

Flooding has also impacted other provinces, including Salavanh and Khammouane. According to the Meteorology and Hydrology Department’s weather forecast for this week, the entire country is likely to see light to moderate rain, with possible landslides and flash floods along river banks. Residents have been urged to monitor the weather situation and step out accordingly.

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