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Ministry of Home Affairs Unveils New Uniforms for Village Chiefs and Deputy Chiefs

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In a recent government notice, the Ministry of Home Affairs has introduced new uniforms for village chiefs and deputy village Chiefs, catering to both male and female officials.

In a notice released on Tuesday, the Ministry of Home Affairs revealed a comprehensive update to the uniforms worn by village chiefs and deputy village chiefs. The notice introduces distinct attire for men and women, outlining a range of components that are part of the new official apparel.

For male authorities, the uniform comprises bluish-gray safari shirts available in both long and short sleeves. These shirts have two pockets on each side of the chest, featuring covers for added functionality. Complementing their shirts are bluish-gray trousers, complete with pockets on the sides and one behind, all of which come with covers.

Completing the look are mandatory accessories, including a black or brown belt, boots, and the requisite designated shoulder boards.

Additionally, the uniform for female officials mirrors their male counterparts in the inclusion of both long and short-sleeved bluish-gray safari shirts. These shirts also incorporate two covered pockets on each side of the waist. Also part of the attire is shoulder boards and a traditional ‘sinh’, a wrap-around skirt made of silk, cotton & silk mix, or just cotton, in the same color as the shirt.

Similar to the male uniform, female officials are mandated to wear a black or brown belt and boots.

The notice states that the uniforms should be worn only by the village chiefs and their deputies during their working hours or while performing government-related duties such as attending government meetings and other special occasions every Monday. Apart from Monday, authorities have the flexibility to dress in smart casual attire.

The notice states that a bluish-gray color was chosen for the uniform as it represents qualities such as strength, leadership, justice, and responsibility.

The introduction of new uniforms for village chiefs and deputies underscores the Ministry of Interior’s commitment to providing a distinct, inclusive, and unified appearance for the officials.

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