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Laos Records 492 Road Accidents in August, Claiming 52 Lives

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According to a report by the Traffic Police Department (TPD), Laos saw 492 road accidents in August, which is 68 lesser than the previous month. The accidents resulted in 52 fatalities, a significant decrease from the 92 deaths recorded in July, and 867 damaged vehicles.

At 127 cases, drunk driving caused the majority of accidents in August, followed by speeding with 113 cases. This is a slight change from July, when speeding caused the majority of accidents, with 203 cases.

TPD reported that most accidents occurred between 5 p.m. and midnight, on weekends, and on Fridays. This is likely due to a number of factors, including increased traffic during these times and people being more likely to drink alcohol on weekends and Fridays.

Vientiane Capital had the most accidents, with 98 cases, followed by Vientiane Province and Champasack Province. Most of the accident victims were unemployed individuals and laborers.

Foreign nationals, especially Chinese and Vietnamese citizens, were also involved in some accidents last month.

In one of the widely-reported accidents that occurred in late August, a white SUV driver found to be drunk and nearly asleep while driving the car, crashed into four other vehicles at a traffic light in Vientiane Capital, injuring several people.

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