Elderly Woman Raped and Murdered in Houaphanh Province

Elderly Woman Raped and Murdered in Houaphanh Province
FILE: this image is used only for representational purpose (photo: freepik)

On Tuesday evening, a 44-year-old man brutally raped a woman in her mid-70s before killing her in Viengxay district of Houaphanh Province.

The attack occurred at approximately 9 pm on 29 September when the assailant, Bangphone, forcibly entered the home of 75-year-old Somchay. Neither of them has a last name, according to an officer of Houaphanh Public Security. Last names are not common in rural areas, he clarified.

As the woman showed resistance to his attempt to engage in a sexual encounter with her, Bangphone resorted to a more violent approach. He attacked her with a 1-meter-long pickaxe, rendering her to the ground. 

He then carried on with the attack by grabbing a machete knife and inflicting fatal injuries on her feet, face, and neck, ultimately claiming her life.

Houaphanh Public Security officers discovered the attacker lying in a pool of blood at the victim’s house next to her body. The man turned himself in shortly after being caught. 

During the interrogation at the Houaphanh police station, the suspect confessed to the crime and further told the authorities about his extramarital relationship with Somchay, which became carnal in September, according to him. 

On the night of the incident, he had been out drinking with friends before harboring the intention of sleeping with the victim, the interrogation report revealed

The authorities are now gathering information and evidence to bring a criminal case against Bangphone before the court.