Driving Sustainability: LOCA’s Inspiring Journey in Laos

Since its establishment as a Laos-born startup back in 2018, LOCA has been on an extraordinary journey, reshaping the way people in Laos perceive transportation.

As the premier electric vehicle (EV) taxi service in the country, LOCA proudly marks a significant milestone, with its EV fleet surpassing an impressive 1,000,000 kilometers in service. This milestone not only highlights LOCA’s unwavering commitment to sustainable transportation but also underscores its pivotal role in driving a cleaner, brighter future for Laos.
Laos, a nation blessed with breathtaking natural beauty, has long grappled with the challenges of high gasoline prices. Yet, it’s essential to note that Laos possesses one of the most affordable renewable energy infrastructures in the region. LOCA recognized this unique energy landscape as the ideal foundation for the growth of electric mobility in the country. Going beyond offering EV taxi services, LOCA initiated a movement by establishing the country’s very first EV charging network.
At present, LOCA proudly operates 14 charging stations throughout the country, and they’re not stopping there. With an ambitious plan in place, LOCA aims to expand this network to 30 stations by Q2 2030, ensuring comprehensive coverage across the entire nation.
LOCA’s vision extends beyond infrastructure development. They are committed to creating a sustainable ecosystem for EV adoption in Laos. To this end, LOCA offers an affordable financing program, empowering its drivers to make the transition to electric vehicles. This not only alleviates the financial burden on drivers but also propels the collective mission of reducing carbon emissions.
The impact of LOCA’s efforts is nothing short of remarkable. In a country where electric vehicles were once a rarity, as of August 2023, Laos had imported a total of 2,420 EVs. Significantly, LOCA accounts for more than 12 percent (300 active EV drivers) of these EVs in the country, showcasing their pivotal role in steering the electric revolution forward.
LOCA’s journey is a testament to its commitment to reducing the environmental footprint and lightening the financial burden on the country’s residents. They’ve not only introduced electric mobility to Laos but also inspired a shift in mindset toward a more sustainable future. LOCA is not just about driving EVs; it’s about driving change, one kilometer at a time.
As they continue to push boundaries and champion sustainability in Laos, LOCA’s future holds the promise of an even more profound impact, steering the nation towards a cleaner, more eco-conscious future.