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QKEx: Building an Exchange+Community Economy Ecosystem

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VICTORIA, SEYCHELLES – Media OutReach – 18 October 2023 – QKEx, the cryptocurrency trading platform, has recently announced its plans to invest more resources and financial support in the decentralized social sector. The platform aims to create an “exchange+community economy” ecosystem, enabling the financialization of social ecology and online user community behavior.

Exchange+Community Economy

QKEx has introduced the concept of a community economic ecology, which focuses on the financialization of community behavior and the profitability of social value. The platform aims to establish a COMMUNALFI ecosystem that integrates the entire community system onto the blockchain.

QKEx, also known as QK Exchange, is a comprehensive global crypto asset service platform developed by QK Group since 2020. QK Group, the parent company, operates in various sectors such as QK Mining, QK Hot and Cold Wallet, and risk control. In 2017, the group received the prestigious “Best International Service Provider for Russian Mines” award.

QKEX has extensive regional cryptocurrency resources worldwide and operates independent centers in multiple countries, including the United States, Canada, Russia, Australia, Estonia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Its community resources are global in scope, potentially enabling the widespread implementation of decentralized social networks.

Two-Step Plan for the Community Economy Sector

Step 1: Addition of Independent Social Media Sections

QKEx will introduce independent social media sections and invite numerous trading communities to join. The platform plans to organize community competitions periodically and display monthly community rankings on the exchange. Higher-ranking communities will enjoy increased value and team leader rights.

Step 2: Listing of COMMUNALFI Function Block

QKEx will allow community team leaders to issue personalized benefits based on their social value. These benefits will be presented in the form of limited edition NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Users can acquire community admission qualifications by purchasing NFTs related to community team leader benefits.

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