Luang Prabang Takes Stand Against Non-Compliant Signs to Improve City’s Appearance

Signs with more of the Chinese language (Photo: Pathed Lao)

In recent months, the Information, Culture, and Tourism Office in Luang Prabang has been actively taking steps to remove illegal advertising signs from the city. 

The authorities have been inspecting and removing signs that do not comply with regulations, including those that are only in foreign languages, too large, or have an incorrect design, color, or size. 

This effort is part of a larger plan to improve the appearance of the city and maintain its beauty as a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its well-preserved Buddhist temples and colonial architecture.

In the first nine months, the authorities inspected the area by monitoring local shops and removing a number of signs that did not comply with provincial regulations, such as signs that were only in foreign languages, signs where foreign language texts were bigger than those written in Lao, and signs with incorrect design, color, and size.

To achieve their goal, the authorities have also been educating and warning the operators of non-compliant signs, according to Pathed Lao. They have called on the public and private sector operators who use signs to cooperate in installing the signs correctly according to the regulations.

The crackdown on illegal advertising signs is part of an effort to improve the appearance of Luang Prabang, which is a popular tourist destination. By removing illegal advertising signs and ensuring that all signs comply with regulations, the authorities are aiming to make the UNESCO World Heritage Site even more attractive in the eyes of both tourists and locals.