Japan Provides Grant to Laos for New Bridge

Representatives of the Japanese Embassy at the Japan-Lao Strategic Partnership meeting. (Photo supplied)

The Government of Japan has provided a grant of USD 71,500 to support the construction of a new concrete bridge in Na-Han-Noi Village, Savannakhet Province, Laos.

The plan is part of Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP), which provides funds for relatively small-scale projects that directly benefit local residents by supporting economic and social development in developing countries.

The existing bridge in Na-Han-Noi Village is severely damaged due to aging and is in danger of collapsing. This has had a significant negative impact on the lives of local residents, including restricting the passage of trucks used to transport agricultural products made in the village to the market in the center of the district, according to Kobayasi Kenichi, Ambassador of Japan to Laos.

The new bridge will be built to meet the standards of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and will improve transportation access for the local residents in Na-Han-Noi village and surrounding villages. This is expected to stimulate economic activities and improve their living environment, the Japanese Embassy highlighted in a press release.

Japan has provided more than USD 1,190,000 to Savannakhet Province over the past five years to support education, infrastructure, and other areas. In a shared effort to address regional disparities in socio-economic development, Japan will continue to support initiatives to improve the basic standard of living at the grassroots level in Laos to ensure “no one is left behind.”