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Laos, South Korea Build Cultural Bridge Through Art, Music

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In an event held on 3 November, the National College of Arts, the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism (MOI) of the Lao PDR, and the Asian Cultural Exchange Association of the Republic of Korea came together to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) aimed at fostering cooperation and cultural exchange between the two nations, especially through collaborative efforts in the performing arts.

A highlight of the collaboration is the establishment of the “Lao Youth Orchestra,” with active support from the Korean side. The Republic of Korea has pledged to provide assistance in the form of training, equipment, musical instruments, and performance experts to ensure the success and growth of the orchestra. Moreover, both parties will collaborate on recording and producing programs featuring the Lao Youth Orchestra, which will be broadcast on television channels in both countries.

The MOU was co-signed by Viengphone Soukkhavong, the director of the National College of Arts, and Ko Do-on, the president of the Asian Cultural Exchange Association.

Ko Do-on expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “This cooperation is the first and very important step in joining hands in the field of music art. After the signing, the two sides will engage in detailed discussions to ensure the successful implementation of the joint plan.” She further explained that the South Korean side would be responsible for the project’s implementation budget, while the Lao side would facilitate the necessary documentation and seek approval for the participation of experts and technicians from Korea.

The collaborative effort signifies a shared commitment to promoting cultural exchange and artistic development between Laos and the Republic of Korea. The signing of the MOU opens the door to a new chapter in bilateral relations, where the universal language of music becomes a bridge connecting the two nations.

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