LOCA PAY Set to Enhance Tourist Experience in Laos for 2024 “Visit Laos Year”, ASEAN Chairmanship


As Laos gears up for a landmark year, hosting the “Visit Laos Year 2024” and the prestigious ASEAN Chairmanship, LOCA PAY announces its readiness to serve the influx of tourists expected during these significant events.

Embracing innovation in digital payments, LOCA PAY is poised to redefine the tourist experience in Laos with its advanced and secured payment service that allows tourists to pay directly from their credit card to every LAO QR that is currently widely accepted in Laos.

Recognized for bridging the gap between traditional payment methods and modern technology, LOCA PAY enables tourists to effortlessly link their credit cards to the LAO QR network. This integration gives tourists the ability to pay at over 16 major banks in Laos and offers a seamless and secure payment experience to a diverse range of merchants across the country.

As part of its commitment to enhancing visitor convenience, LOCA PAY ensures that tourists can enjoy the cultural richness of Laos without the hassle of carrying cash or struggling with limited credit card acceptance. The system’s simplicity and security are key to providing a stress-free spending environment for international visitors.

Granted an official license to operate by the Bank of Laos, LOCA PAY is set to provide a secure, efficient, and innovative payment service, leveraging the LAO QR network. The partnership with the Joint Development Bank further strengthens LOCA PAY’s position in the market.

JDB’s extensive banking expertise and strong financial network amplify the reach and reliability of LOCA PAY’s services, ensuring widespread acceptance and ease of use throughout Laos. This collaboration is pivotal in building a robust digital payment ecosystem that supports the country’s growing tourism sector.

In addition to facilitating payments, LOCA is the largest EV ride-hailing network in Laos. Since its inception in 2018, LOCA has established itself as a hallmark of safety and trust, particularly among tourists. Known for its 24-hour reliable and safe services, LOCA has played a pivotal role in enhancing the transportation experience for visitors in Laos.

LOCA’s innovative platform features a loyalty program, rewarding users with points redeemable for various services, including local cuisine and beverages. This initiative not only promotes local businesses but also enriches the tourist experience by encouraging the exploration of Laos’s vibrant culinary landscape.

As Laos welcomes the world in 2024, LOCA PAY stands as a testament to the country’s dedication to technological advancement and tourist satisfaction. With LOCA PAY, visitors to Laos can look forward to a convenient, secure, and rewarding payment experience, enhancing their journey in this beautiful and culturally rich nation. 

Download the Loca App: https://loca.la/download

Learn more about LOCA PAY: https://loca.la/how-to-pay-in-laos/