3P Media Celebrates Milestone Launch as Official Sales Representative for Google Ads in Laos

3P Media Celebrates Milestone Launch as Official Sales Representative for Google Ads in Laos
3P Launch at Crowne Plaza, Vientiane Capital. (Photo: 3P Media)

3P Media, the Official Media Sales Representative for Google in Sri Lanka, Laos, and Brunei, marked their official presence in Laos with an evening filled with insightful discussions and information about the ever-evolving digital media landscape in Laos.

3P Media’s expansion to Laos comes on the heels of the company’s continued success in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, with a growing audience and increasing demand for digital media advertising. The event held at Crowne Plaza Vientiane brought together industry leaders, digital enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs in Laos. 

The evening unfolded with keynote speeches by Prash Balakrishnan, Chief Commercial Officer at Roar Global. In his remarks, Prash shared the journey of Roar Global, highlighting the company’s decade-long evolution into a trailblazer in the digital advertising industry. Emphasizing the expansive scope of Roar Global, he elaborated on the company’s role not only in shaping the digital advertising landscape in Sri Lanka but also in establishing itself as a prominent player across the APAC region.

Prash Balakrishnan – Chief Commercial Officer at Roar Global shares the growth of Roar Global. (Photo: 3P Media)

Tara Yoon, Frontier Market Lead at Google APAC, shared the latest insights on digital media advertising in Laos. She further highlighted Google’s role in empowering brands in Laos to achieve their business and marketing goals using Google Ads products. Tara also shared how 3P Media assist businesses, offering strategic direction to enable digital transformation. 

3P Media Celebrates Milestone Launch as Official Sales Representative for Google Ads in Laos
Tara Yoon – Frontier Market Lead of Google APAC sharing insights of the digital media advertising in Laos. (3P Media)

Ama Silva, Country Head of 3P Media in Laos, also highlighted how the team has progressed over the past few months in Laos and explained how 3P Media is committed to bolstering the growth of the digital advertising landscape through tailored and innovative strategic guidance in Laos and the APAC region. 

3P Media Celebrates Milestone Launch as Official Sales Representative for Google Ads in Laos
Ama Silva – Country Head at 3P Media Laos. (Photo: 3P Media)

“Following our soft launch in Laos, we have collaborated closely with brands and advertising agencies to gain a deeper understanding of the Laotian market, enabling us to customize Google Ads solutions for advertisers in Laos. Google plays a pivotal role in the digital eco-system of Laos, and we are eager to support all advertisers aiming to maximize their impact through Google at no cost,” says Ama Silva, Country Head of 3P Media Laos.

The event’s highlight was a thought-provoking panel discussion moderated by Viravout Xaygnaboun, Senior Account Manager at 3P Media in Laos. The panel comprising of Jeppe Bauer Carlsen, Founder of Digital Monkey Laos, Su Shwe Ye Htun (Jerry), Digital Experience Director – Southeast Asia at ERA Communications, Ketsada Koulabouth (Catdy), Co-Founder of Awesome Media Co., Ltd., and Keovisouk Dalasane (Keo), Founder of 108Jobs, offered insights and their expertise on the digital marketing and advertising in Laos. 

The Panel Discussion: Google Ads and the Future of Business Growth in Laos. (Photo: 3P Media)

“3P Media’s expansion into Laos marks a strategic milestone in our mission to level the playing field of media in the Asia Pacific Region. The Laotian market is poised with potential, and with 3P Media, we are excited to bring forth tailored and innovative solutions that empower businesses to gain the most out of digital advertising,” says Mustafa Kassim, CEO of Roar Global.

3P Media is a subsidiary of Roar Global. With a decade-long legacy, Roar Global remains committed to enabling global advertising platforms to enter and grow their presence in the APAC region and help businesses thrive in the digital economy through effective digital advertising.

With its presence in Laos, 3P Media is well on its way to cementing its position as a significant player in the digital media landscape further, not just in Laos but also in the APAC region.

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