Bodybuilding, E-Sports Included in 2025 Lao National Games

Bodybuilding competition in Loas (Photo: Noy Kppv Vongxay)

Bodybuilding and e-sports are set to feature at the Lao National Games in 2025.  The decision comes in the wake of Laos’ upcoming hosting of the 18th ASEAN Bodybuilding Championship later this year.

Khamphaphaivanh Vongxay, Vice President and Secretary of the Lao Bodybuilding Federation, confirmed that bodybuilding would take center stage at the National Games to be held in Vientiane. 

The Lao Bodybuilding Federation has been actively participating in competitions since 2017, both domestically and internationally, including the ASEAN Championship in 2018, 2019, and 2022. Lao athletes are now aiming for world championship titles. 

Notably, Phouthsavanh Sisomphou, a Lao bodybuilder, made history by winning a bronze medal at the 31st SEA Games in 2022, held in Vietnam, by competing in the under 70kg category.

Expressing his joy at the country’s decision, he remarked, “I am very happy to hear that the government is allowing bodybuilding to become a fixture in the National Games.”. “Having participated in many national and international competitions, I’ve been fortunate to secure several medals.”

“I am delighted to see the growth and widespread development of the sport of bodybuilding,” Phouthsavanh added, highlighting his plans to continue his journey in the sport and participate in the upcoming SEA Games.

This year promises to mark a milestone in Laos’ sports history, with Vientiane hosting both the 18th South East Asian Bodybuilding Championships in May and the Lao Bodybuilding Championships in September.

In addition to bodybuilding, the government is also including e-sports in the Lao National Game, acknowledging its growing popularity among Lao teenagers and youths.

E-sports competition at Lao National Championship 2023 (Photo: Lao Esports Federation)

“I genuinely believe it’s just another form of sport, not unlike others, with shared equipment and a reliance on using the body for gameplay,” e-sports player Thepthila Souliyakhamphai said.

Thepthila also noted significant growth in e-sports, recalling its humble beginning as a small event that aimed at providing a platform for young individuals to showcase their skills. Over time, it has evolved into a national competition.

Both bodybuilding and e-sports in the Lao National Games are expected to enhance Laos’ visibility on the global sports platform in years to come.