Salavanh Province Initiates New Hydropower Project with Groundbreaking Ceremony

a groundbreaking ceremony for the new hydropower plant project on 24 February. (Photo: Pasaxon News)

A new hydropower plant project in Salavanh Province, the Xeset-Chan Rapids, commenced with a groundbreaking ceremony on 24 February.

With the foundation stone now laid, the project is set to begin construction activities after a feasibility study that confirms its economic, technical, and essential prerequisites. The project has a capacity of 13 megawatts.

Key agreements, including a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed in 2011, and subsequent contracts related to project development, management, electricity purchase and sale, and other pertinent aspects, have been finalized to pave the way for the project’s advancement. These include the construction of the overflow dam, canal infrastructure to facilitate water transport to the reservoir, and the establishment of administrative facilities. 

On 2 February, Xeset-Houaytapong Power Co., Ltd. forged a partnership with Xokpunsap Inter Mining Group Co., Ltd. to collaborate on the development of the Xeset-Chan Rapids Hydropower Plant, Pasaxon News reported.