Vientiane Residents Rush to Update Vehicle Registration Plates

Lao Government to Develop Better Transport System to Ease Traffic in Vientiane Capital
Traffic in Vientiane Capital.

In response to Vientian’s recent announcement regarding the city’s registration plates, changing vehicle number plates from Vientiane Municipality to Vientiane Capital, effective on 1 March, citizens have been rushing to the Vehicle Registration and Driving Management Division of the Vientiane Department of Public Works and Transport to update their plates, causing unforeseen challenges in the process.

The surge in individuals seeking to replace expired or non-expired license plates has led to complications, particularly in the re-registration process. While some have enlisted the assistance of representative businesses such as car dealerships to handle the necessary paperwork, others are attempting to independently complete it, causing difficulties due to a lack of clarity on the appropriate procedures and locations.

This surge has also created an opportunity for nefarious individuals to take advantage of the situation, charging individuals higher prices set out by the government, akin to the situation with passport issuance.

Bounpon Bounsomcham, the head of the Vientiane Department of Public Works and Transport, acknowledged the apparent issue during an interview with local media

To address the situation, Bounpon urged those seeking assistance to visit the Vehicle and Driving Department in Vientiane Capital directly. He emphasized the importance of consulting with the department’s officers, identifiable by their uniforms and staff badges, who can guide applicants in accurately filling out and submitting the required documents.

Furthermore, recognizing the congestion caused by the influx of citizens changing their plates, Bounpon encouraged individuals with non-expired licenses to continue using their current plates temporarily. This recommendation aims to alleviate the burden on the department’s resources and streamline the overall transition process from “Vientiane Municipality” to “Vientiane Capital.”


Reporting By Jonathan Meadley