Vientiane Capital Announces Golden Rules for Lao New Year 2024

Vientiane Capital Announces Golden Rules for Lao New Year 2024
FILE: residents enjoy Lao New Year festival (photo: Tourism Laos)

In a notice released on 25 March, the Vientiane Capital governor issued regulations for residents to follow during the Lao New Year period, effective from 13 to 16 April.

New Year celebrations come with guidelines to ensure safety and respect for traditions. 

The issued regulations dictate conduct both on the roads and in public spaces. Among the rules: refraining from the use of unsanitary or colored water, ice, water tanks, or basins for dowsing, avoiding revealing clothing, abstaining from creating excessive noise without proper authorization, and prohibiting the use of fireworks, firecrackers, or possession of explosives. 

Additionally, drivers are prohibited from consuming or vending alcoholic beverages near temples, and shops are instructed not to hike prices or sell substandard goods during the festivities. Moreover, vehicular access to the Mekong Riverbank, except for police vehicles, is strictly prohibited.

Actions that violate these rules, whether they are intentional or not, will result in consequences, including warnings, fines, or apprehension, depending on the severity of the offense. Fireworks or firecrackers found will be confiscated and destroyed, and their owners will face punishments, ranging from warnings to fines.

Traffic police will also be stationed in numerous areas, including residents’ households, official establishments, restaurants, and workplaces to prevent potential crimes and road accidents.

These regulations are aimed at ensuring a safe and respectful celebration of the Lao New Year in Vientiane Capital. By adhering to these guidelines, residents can enjoy the festivities while also maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the city.