Japan Boosts Road Repair Efforts in Laos with New Equipment Handover

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Laos, like many developing nations, faces challenges in maintaining its road networks, which are crucial for transportation and connectivity. Recognizing the importance of well-maintained roads for Laos’ development, Japan has stepped forward with a commitment to assist in overcoming this challenge.

As part of this pledge, Japan will provide 24 units of essential road repair equipment, comprising road stabilizers and motor graders, to the Lao government.

The equipment, valued at 800 million yen (approximately USD 5.3 million), will be deployed nationwide to facilitate road repairs. This assistance comes as part of a broader aid package, with Japan committing 1.5 billion yen (approximately USD 10 million) in new aid signed on 26 April.

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A ceremony was held in Vientiane on 9 May for the handover of the “Economic and Social Development Program (Road Repair Related Equipment).” Japanese Ambassador Kobayashi Kenichi presided over the event.

Traditionally, road repair in Laos involved removing pavement sections and laying new pavement after waste disposal. However, with the introduction of new support equipment, old pavement can now be reused as new pavement material during road construction.

These efforts are expected to extend the service life of roads, shorten construction periods, reduce costs, minimize environmental impact by reducing road waste, and expedite recovery from disasters.

Japan has been a key partner in Laos’ infrastructure development journey, supporting projects such as the Second Mekong International Bridge, Pakse Bridge, National Road No. 9, and Vientiane National Road No. 1. These initiatives not only enhance comfort and safety for residents but also strengthen crucial logistics routes vital for economic, industrial, and trade development in Laos.

The partnership between Japan and Laos has flourished since its elevation to a strategic partnership in 2015. Japan remains committed to addressing Laos’ diverse challenges through effective cooperation for sustainable economic and social development.


Information provided by the Embassy of Japan to Laos