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Laos Begins Comprehensive Review of 2015 Constitution for Major Amendments

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The National Committee for the Amendment of the Constitution commenced the review process of the 2015 Constitution on 20 June to make necessary revisions in line with Laos’s changing economic and social circumstances.

The committee, tasked with overseeing the amendment process, aims to complete drafting the revisions by mid-2025. To support its efforts, the committee has established a secretariat and several sub-committees.

During the meeting, committee members discussed prospective changes, including refining definitions of certain terms for greater specificity and accuracy. 

The officials also reviewed the past ten years of constitutional implementation, identifying strong points, weaknesses, achievements, main problems, and inconsistencies. Participants considered lessons learned and challenges encountered since the 2015 constitution’s formulation, which will inform the upcoming revisions.

Xaysomphone Phomvihane, President of the National Assembly’s Standing Committee and the National Committee for the Amendment of the Constitution, emphasized that the planned amendments would better support the Party and government’s development goals. Evaluation meetings will be conducted at 18 locations, including Vientiane Capital and the provinces, incorporating public opinion through social media platforms. 

According to Xaysomphone, central government bodies will discuss amendments, focusing on four specific sectors in future meetings. The first sector includes Party organizations, the Lao Front for National Development, the Lao Veterans Federation, and mass organizations. The second sector covers social and economic affairs, the third addresses state powers, and the fourth pertains to public security and national defense.

The committee aims to enhance the constitution’s accuracy, completeness, and consistency, making the new version more focused and practical. Representatives from various bodies contributed opinions and suggested clarifications, with committee members pledging to provide comprehensive content after consultations with other groups.

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