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Printing Association Plans Upgrade of Operations

The Lao Printing Association plans to use modern technology to develop its printing and publishing services in line with public demand.

Members of the association from several state and private printing enterprises in Vientiane met yesterday to review the success of their work from 2010-2015 and discuss plans for 2016-2020.

The association’s authorities proposed plans at the meeting, saying they would continue to support the development and design of various products.

They will also continue to improve members’ skills, upgrade printing programmes and send staff for training in neighbouring countries. They asked that all members cooperate in the development of new technology for use in printing and publishing.

The association plans to enlarge its membership in target areas of the country where printing businesses are growing. The Lao Printing Association hopes to increase membership in Vientiane by 30 percent and in the provinces by 20 percent.

The association counts 33 businesses in its membership, comprising six state printing houses and 27 private printing houses in Vientiane.

Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Mr Bouangeun Xaphouvong chaired yesterday’s meeting.

Speaking at the meeting, Acting President of the Lao Printing Association, Mr Chanthiam Rathahao, reviewed the main activities from 2010-2015. During this time the association supported the development of printing skills so that printing techniques have improved and new products have been provided to satisfy public demand.

The association and the Ministry of Education and Sports have jointly developed printing programmes for members of the association, including printing design, production management in the printing house and programmes for printers and technicians. These have been set up for a two-year period.

Some officials have attended training of trainer programmes to further develop the industry.

Mr Chanthiam said the association supports its members and other printing enterprises to comply with government policy, regulations and laws regarding printing.

In recent years the association has provided financing to support meetings organised by the government, and has also helped the victims of various social problems as well as people who have migrated to other countries.

The Lao Printing Association has taken part in activities to mark the 35th and 41st National Days, Media and Publishing Day, and Constitution Day.

Source: Vientiane Times

Association Gives Scholarships to Disadvantaged Students

The Dongsavath Children and Youth Development Association has provided scholarships for poor children in three primary schools in Vientiane, as well as to students of higher education.

Speaking at the handover of the scholarships, Deputy Director of the Vientiane Department of Education and Sports, Mr Southany Xaysane, announced that the target schools for the scholarship programme are Dongsavath, Nahay and Udomphone primary schools.

The handover ceremony also saw scholarships given to 21 students at the Teacher Training College, Art School and the Department of Social Welfare.

Head of the Dongsavath Children and Youth Development Association, Mr Phonexay Inthaleuxay, told Vientiane Times that scholarship students will be placed in each target school by the association.

He said this support mechanism is implemented according to the association’s policy. The association was founded to help children develop their full potential and to protect them from harm.

“We run child development centres at four primary schools in the Vientiane area where students can gain life skills, seek advice from counsellors or obtain any assistance they need,” he said.

The use of corporal punishment in schools is still common in Laos as it is not prohibited by law. Factors contributing to this practice include cultural attitudes, which condone hitting children as an effective way of disciplining them. Changing new teachers’ attitudes is one way the association hopes to make an impact on the future teachers of Lao children.

“We provide life-skills training in after-school activities and an annual summer camp. It is our aim to give children a feeling of security and being cared for. Knowledge is the first step towards this goal – to help poor children and young people to solve their problems and avoid dangerous activities like drug abuse.”

According to the Association, the rural areas of Vientiane have suffered a great deal from both internal and external socio-economic antagonisms. These antagonisms lead to a number of social problems including high rates of school dropouts, drug abuse and neglect of children.


Source: Vientiane Times

Lao Handicraft Association Optimistic of Future

Lao handicraft products can look forward to continued expansion of their markets through improving designs and better quality, according to the head of the sector’s association.

That was the upbeat message from President of the Lao Handicraft Association, Mr. Hansana Sisane yesterday at the official opening of the 15th Lao Handicraft Festival at Lao-ITECC in Vientiane. The event was also attended by Deputy Prime Minister Dr Sonexay Siphandone.

Mr. Hansana pointed out the number of festival booths has been increasing each year which showed the growing interest in Lao handicraft products.

The exhibitors will be selling an extensive variety of products including silk and cotton textiles, jewellery, pottery, non-timber and recycled products, green agriculture goods as well as numerous one district one product items.

This year’s festival running until November 1 has more than 230 booths, an increase of around 3 percent compared to last year, an event organiser reported.

Mr. Hansana explained the Lao Handicraft Festival is held to support the marketing of local handicrafts both in rural and urban areas as well as to develop skills and products in handicrafts and weaving.

An event organiser explained the festival would offer opportunities for producers, customers, buyers and sellers to meet and interact, and for craftspeople and exhibitors to learn about new designs, innovations and techniques that might be adapted to improve the quality of their products.

The organising committee invited talented handicrafts people from around the country to exhibit their wares and present the culture and identity of Lao people to local and foreign visitors.

It is envisioned the festival will serve to enlarge the market for Lao handicraft products both domestically and abroad.

Visitors attending the festival can also enjoy fashion shows, craft demonstrations and product design competitions.

This year the association has sent invitations to embassies of ASEAN and European countries.

The festival serves as a platform for handicraft makers to get together and share their business experiences.


Source: Vientiane Times

Association Extends Support to Children with Disabilities

The Aid for Children with Disabilities Association (ACDA) is still in need of support from businesses or individuals in Laos, as part of its ongoing support for disabled children.

Association Pursues Wild Animal Protection Efforts

The Lao Wildlife Conservation Association (LWCA) is carrying out a wildlife conservation and capacity building project to help protect wild animals in Laos.

Association Announces 15th Handicrafts Festival

The 15th Lao Handicrafts Festival 2016 is slated to be held from October 26 to November 1 at Lao International Trade Exhibition and Convention Centre (Lao-ITECC) in Vientiane, seeking to promote local handicrafts and silk weavings.

Korean Association Hands Over Fire Trucks

The Sharing Culture Arts Association of Korea has provided four fire trucks as well as associated fire prevention equipment for distribution to four provinces of Laos where such equipment is lacking.

Handicraft Association Looking To Expand Line of Pottery Products

The Lao Handicraft Association is planning to support new Lao pottery products being made in Vientiane this year which it hopes will attract both local and visiting customers.