Beer Drinkers Post-Halloween Hangover Risk Reduced as Prices Rise in Laos

Beer price on rise
Lao Brewery Company, producer of Beerlao, announces price rises from October 29 to cover input costs, inflationary pressures.

Beer drinkers beware this Halloween!

Lao Brewery Company announced wholesale price increases to retailers of its flagship beverage Beerlao on Monday, October 29.

Suppliers and retailers were notified of the price increases for the popular beverage being implemented to offset higher production and distribution costs, according to the company’s public statement to its retail customers and distributors.

Lao Brewing Company announces price rises.
BeerLao price increases announced from October 29, 2018.

The noticed informed suppliers:

As inflation and production costs continue to rise, Beerlao has issued a new wholesale price, which limits the price of beer.

All customers and agents must comply strictly with the prices set to ensure that there is no impact on customers and consumers in the market.

Inflation pressures as currency, fuel oil price pressures bite manufacturers, distributors, consumers of products (including beer)

As usual, price rises in popular commodities can leave a bitter taste.

The impact is usually felt most by those folks persevering on the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum, while those consumers at the more prosperous demographics with a taste for the ever-popular brew should hardly be discouraged.

Price rises may be unlikely to deter many committed drinkers in either camp.

Regardless, those who enjoy the famed beverage can expect to pay more, particularly if retailers pass on the rises in the form of pricier (and less regulated) individual bottle or draft beer sales at the counter.

Price rises announced included:

Crates of Beerlao 640ml up from 90,000 kip to 93,000 kip per unit. Retail sale price of 108,000 kip.

Boxes of Beerlao 640ml up from 94,000 Kip to 97,000 Kip. Retail sale price of 103,000 Kip.

Boxes of Beerlao 330 ml bottles from 105,000 Kip to 115,000 Kip. Retail sale price of 125,000 Kip.

Boxes of Dark Lager Beerlao 330 ml bottles from 135,000 kip to 145,000 kip. Retail sale price of 155,000 kip.

Crates of Lane Xang Beer 640 ml up from 55,000 kip to 60,000 kip. Retail sale price of 75,000 kip.

Draft Beerlao rises from 11,000 kip per litre to 11,500 kip per litre. (Retail price not specified.)


Beer price on rise
Lao Brewery Company, the producer of Beerlao, announces price rises from October 29 to cover input costs, inflationary pressures.