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Korean NGO Prolongs Social Welfare Services

The Korean NGO Great Peace in the Lao PDR (Great Peace) expects to continue their project in 2017 to provide social welfare services and promote child rights in the local community.

It is expected the project will end in May.

As part of the project, an agreement was signed yesterday for the provision of educational supplies to Nongtha-tai Public Pre-School and Hongxeng Public Pre-School in Chanthabouly district, Vientiane.

The signing c eremony was attended by a representative of Great Peace, Ms Seheeyu.

Speaking at the event, a member of the organisation, Mr Kwang Kim, said the equipment consisted of electronic items, furniture and books related to children’s education.

The supplies have been funded by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) to support the project, which is called supporting early childhood education for vulnerable children in Laos, he said.

The equipment would be given to the two pre-schools located in target villages because it is intended for use by children from low income families, he added.

It would be used continuously for the purpose of early child care and education.

We expect it will be useful in improving the quality of classes in both schools as they will be able to use electronic equipment and other items that have not been available to them in the past, Mr Kwang Kim said.

For several years, Great Peace has run activities in support of the protection of child rights in local communities. This has also involved teachers in target schools in Chanthabouly district, namely Nongtha Tai, Phontongsavath, Hongxeng and Phontong-Chommany pre-schools.

The objective was to put the concept of child rights into practice in the schools’ day care services and curriculums.

The project has been run in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare since February 2012.

Great Peace in the Lao PDR provides social welfare services to the local community by offering holistic guidance whether it be financial, physical or spiritual, based on a spirit of social equity.

The organisation has also worked in Phonsavang and Thongkhankham villages in Chanthabouly district.

Blessed Kids Day Care Centres have been operated by the organisation since 2012 and sponsored by KOICA.

Source: Vientiane Times

3 Online Services in Laos You Didn’t Know You Needed!

Online Services Laos

Laos is seeing a growing number of online services, from online stores to delivery services, but you may be missing out on  some of them if you don’t have a Facebook account, because they have no website at all!

Here are three examples of online services in Laos that will make your life so much easier…

1. Foxpress


Need to get a document across town quick? Foxpress is a speedy local startup that is rapidly gaining momentum! This online courier service will deliver documents, packages, and even food… or flowers (think Valentines Day) to just about anywhere in Vientiane Capital. The pricing is insanely reasonable, and the time you save makes it really worthwhile. So next time, don’t get yourself stuck in traffic for just one paper – have Foxpress deliver it.


2. Hin Sai Online

Hin Sai Online

If you are renovating, doing some landscaping, or in need of construction supplies, it can sometimes be hard to find a phone number for a truckload of soil.  Instead of driving around looking for that “Hin Sai”  ຫິນ-ຊາຍ sticker stuck on a post somewhere, just head over to the Hin Sai Online Facebook page and place an order! Hin Sai Online delivers sand, stones, earth, soil, cement blocks, bricks, and even roll-out grass.

3. Book Delivery

Book Delivery

The suitably named Book Delivery does just that! If you’re out of reading material and in a hurry to jump into the next bestseller, look no further than Book Delivery! These guys will deliver books AND magazines to your doorstep after just a few mouse-clicks.

IACD Helps Improve Mobile Medical Services

Institute of Asian Culture and Development (IACD) has provided addition grant aid to further improve a mobile medical service project in Borikhan, Khamkeuth and Viengthong districts, Borikhamxay province after completing the first phase.

Better Access to Lawyers, Justice Services Expected

Lawmakers are drafting amendments to the Law on Lawyers, aiming to ensure people enjoy better access to legal services and receive justice – in a move which aims to further the government’s efforts to make Laos a society ruled by law.

Laos Tracks Increased Family Planning Services

Laos is attempting to increase access to family planning information and services, with the goal to reach 80 percent of women by 2025.

Contract Extended For Poyry to Provide Services For Xayaburi Hydropower in Laos

Xayaburi Power Company and the government of Lao PDR have awarded Poyry an extension to the owner’s engineering services contract for the site supervision of the Xayaburi hydropower plant in Laos.

Industry and Commerce Visualizes Modernizing Industry, Commerce, Production, Services

The vision of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce devised for 2030 has placed a focus on modernizing industry, commerce, production, and services and ensuring that they are integrated into international production chains in line with green and sustainable trends.