3 Online Services in Laos You Didn’t Know You Needed!

Online Services Laos

Laos is seeing a growing number of online services, from online stores to delivery services, but you may be missing out on  some of them if you don’t have a Facebook account, because they have no website at all!

Here are three examples of online services in Laos that will make your life so much easier…

1. Foxpress


Need to get a document across town quick? Foxpress is a speedy local startup that is rapidly gaining momentum! This online courier service will deliver documents, packages, and even food… or flowers (think Valentines Day) to just about anywhere in Vientiane Capital. The pricing is insanely reasonable, and the time you save makes it really worthwhile. So next time, don’t get yourself stuck in traffic for just one paper – have Foxpress deliver it.


2. Hin Sai Online

Hin Sai Online

If you are renovating, doing some landscaping, or in need of construction supplies, it can sometimes be hard to find a phone number for a truckload of soil.  Instead of driving around looking for that “Hin Sai”  ຫິນ-ຊາຍ sticker stuck on a post somewhere, just head over to the Hin Sai Online Facebook page and place an order! Hin Sai Online delivers sand, stones, earth, soil, cement blocks, bricks, and even roll-out grass.

3. Book Delivery

Book Delivery

The suitably named Book Delivery does just that! If you’re out of reading material and in a hurry to jump into the next bestseller, look no further than Book Delivery! These guys will deliver books AND magazines to your doorstep after just a few mouse-clicks.