Laos Prepares to Set Up Rubber Tree Association


Laos is preparing to establish a Rubber Tree Association and mobilise rubber tree entrepreneurs to join the association.  The association will be designed to protect the interests of rubber tree growers.

The delegation of the Mobilising Establishment Committee for the Rubber Tree Association and the Yunnan Agricultural Development Group of China was led by former Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Mr Vilayvanh Phomkhe. They visited the rubber tree plantation in Hinherb district, Vientiane Province on July 16 to collect information and ask for government’s permission to establish the association.

It is a model project to set up the Rubber Tree Association.

“The rubber tree plantation for commercial production in Hinherb district, Vientiane Province is a non-chemical fertiliser pilot project.  The project began in 2006 with rubber trees planted on 100 hectares. By 2009, the area had been expanded to 374 hectares,” said Head of the Rubber Tree Plantation for Commerce Production Project, Mr Maiphom Mali.

Local people have shown interest in participating in the pilot project and expanding the growing area to 2,000 hectares, added Mr Maiphom.

Meanwhile, visitors from Yunnan have also expressed interest in investing in rubber tree plantations in this district.

“In 2013, we started tapping the rubber trees and the yield from the trees is expected to be about 20 tonnes per month.  We have established a pledged purchase price with our members of 4,000 kip per kg of tree latex,” he said.

Currently, about 30 percent of a 200 hectare area of rubber trees has been tapped.

The rubber tree plantation pilot project will help contribute to the poverty reduction programme.

Source: KPL