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GB2 to Release a New Track, Member to Promote College

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Mr Sith-Ana Mixaykone, a new member of the boy band GB2 wants to encourage his fans to follow his new track promoting his college.

Mr Sith-Ana Mixaykone told Vientiane Times that he is now preparing the song to promote Comcentre College where he now is studying in year three, majoring in Business English.

The song, titled Namjai Jak Comcenter , will be sung by Mr Sith-Ana and Mr Sam Xtreme and joined by four other students of the college.

Mr Sith-Ana and the students are now practicing the song and its riffs while they wait for the permission to record it from college officials.

He said he expects the song to be complete in October and that the team from Comcenter College had composed it all by themselves.

Mr Sith-Ana said he was glad to be able to sing to promote Comcenter College.

The song not only promotes the college but also promotes the assistance of social projects that students and officials at Comcentre will complete eventually.

The new track Pien by Mr Sith-Ana’s group GB2 has had its cover completed by shooting the cover pictures for other new tracks and now the songs are just waiting to be edited.

The new track will be released together with a music video at the end of September or early October.

Mr Sith-Ana also continues to model on the catwalk and he will continue to do this whenever he has the chance or an invitation from an event organiser as he says he’s gained many valuable experiences.

He said that now he is focused on completing both the song for Comcenter College and the song for GB2 to make them the best he can.

Hey says that if he gets the chance to join Lao Fashion Week this year it would be great as it’s a big project that promotes fashion and Lao designers’ development but says he is still waiting for an invitation from the project organiser to show his skills and talents on the catwalk after he got some more experience from the Lao Super Model project recently.

Mr Sith-Ana urges people and fans to follow and support both the song for GB2 and the song for the College and that he will do his best to entertain his fans in the future.

Source: Vientiane Times

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