Longrich Introduces Bioscience Products in Laos


Longrich Bioscience Company, in collaboration with the Technology and Innovation Department under the Ministry of Science and Technology has introduced its bio-sciences products in Laos.

The introduction was held on Tuesday at the ministry, attended by Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Mr Bounty Thamith and Vice President of the Longrich BioScience Company Laos, Ms Jindarat Twiltermsap.

The seminar introduced its bioscience products, which were developed by healthcare scientists from Germany and China and have received certification from Japan, Europe and America.

The talk aimed to provide participants with a greater understanding of the benefits of various technology products made from raw natural materials in the field of healthcare and beauty.

Ms Jindarat said her company has been supported by the government of Laos in researching and developing the products so each product has passed research and quality assurance tests.

Currently, the company has eight research institutes worldwide and is now expanding its business to the USA to produce food supplement products.

“Our company focuses on consumption products so we think Laos is source of bountiful natural resources and the Ministry of Science and Technology has strength in technology and innovation,” she said.

“Today, Laos can generate income from natural resources for farmers. For example Laos has lots of agarwood and 1,600 square metres of agarwood are able to generate millions of kip,” Ms Jindarat added.

“The private sector in Laos can produce such products but we are looking at the markets.”

“Longrich company has registered its product in 183 countries worldwide and if Laos’ agarwood can register with the company it means you can sell to 1,700 people a month.”

“This is the main reason why we have come to Laos as we want to upgrade the income of farmers and also disseminate technology and innovation in Laos.

The company has visited the centres of technology and innovation in Laos and can see opportunities under Ministry of Technology and Science which will be able to generate income for the country, Ms Jindarat added.

Source: Vientiane Times