Vientiane Heavy Truck Ban During ASEAN Summits


Heavy truck bans have commenced prohibiting them from using 15 main roads in Vientiane where delegations from around the world will be attending the 28th and 29th ASEAN Summits back-to-back next month.The type of vehicles banned from August 22 to September 10 include trucks over seven tonnes, heavy float trucks along with trailers. They are prohibited from using the following thoroughfares: Souphanouvong, Setthathirath, Samsenthai, Chao Fangum, Donchan, Thaduea (Nonghay to Thatkhao traffic lights), ASEAN, Sithong, KaysonePhomvihane, Lane Xang, Nongbone, Dongpalan, 23 Singha, Lao-Thai, and Dongpayna.

Vientiane authorities have been notifying companies, state-enterprises, shops and people living in capital to raise awareness of the issue.

Deputy Director of Vientiane Traffic Police Department Major SangkhomPhonmalath told Vientiane Times on Wednesday that smaller vehicles less than seven tonnes could still use these routes.

But smaller vehicles will not be allowed to use the 15 named boulevards if they are very dirty, he said. Police officers will advise the drivers to wash them, especially the tyres, to eliminate most of the dust or mud. The banned list includes vehicles carrying beer or beverage products, but the companies can use smaller trucks for deliveries in Vientiane during the summits.

Vientiane Public Works and Transport Department has advised heavy vehicles to avoid sections of Thadeua Road and instead travel via Dongdok using the 450 Year Road and Nongbeuk Road.

Heavy trucks crossing the First Laos-Thai Mekong Friendship Bridge near Vientiane for the northern or southern provinces are also directed to use the 450 Year Road to avoid the capital’s streets.

According to the Vientiane Urban Management and Administration Office, the capital has been accelerating its clean up and other preparations such as decorating main roads with flowers and flags of ASEAN member countries to welcome attending leaders.

Source: Vientiane Times