Three Road Resurfacing Projects Over 30 Percent Complete


Work to resurface three main roads in the capital is now more than 30 percent complete despite the difficulties caused by weeks of rain.

Project Manager Mr. Phoutthasen Sinthavong said the three roads are the street from the That Luang traffic lights to Phonpapao traffic lights, from Naxay traffic lights to Phonsinuan traffic lights, and from the That Luang crossroads to the That Luang Swamp Bridge .

Al l of the roads are almost 10 kilometres long, and the total cost of the work is about 72 billion kip. It has been challenging work as some sections of road have been flooded in the recent torrential rain. The project began on January 28, 2016, and should be completed next January. The work involves removing barriers and electricity poles, installing water pipes and drainage pipes, building sidewalks, and resurfacing.

At present workers are removing barriers and electricity poles along the road from That Luang traffic lights to the Phonpapao traffic lights. Most of the work has been finished and resurfacing is expected to begin soon.

The project manager called on motorists to be extra careful when using these roads and to avoid them if possible so that work can continue uninterrupted.

This year the government received a loan of over 313 million baht (over 70 billion kip) from the Neighbouring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency (NEDA) of Thailand for the improvement of roads in the capital.

The upgrades are a priority of the government, and include improvements to T4 Road from That Luang traffic lights to the Phonthan junction traffic lights, Kamphaengmeuang Road, 23 Singha Road, the section from the That Luang crossroads to Huakhua Bridge and other important roads in the city centre.

The improvements aim to reduce congestion and facilitate smooth traffic flow.


Source: Vientiane Times