Gov’t Development Plan Emphasizes Poverty Reduction, Food Security, Nutrition


The Social-Economic Development Plan 2017 will focus on poverty reduction, food security and nutrition along with investments in basic infrastructure development in rural areas.

The statement was made by the Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Khamlien Pholsena at the Executive Macroeconomic Working Group Meeting between the government and development partners in Vientiane on Thursday, Oct 6.

“The government is focusing on having quality investments in 2017.  We look forward to hearing input from development partners on our plan for 2017 before it is submitted to the National Assembly,” said Mr. Khamlien.

The government is expected to present the National Socio-Economic Development Plan (NSEDP) and the state budget plan for 2017 to the 8th National Assembly later this month.

The official said that the government would like to hear from development partners to make sure that decisions are aligned in terms of policies and direction, and also information regarding the implementation of its NSEDP.

“This working group meeting is considered as an important venue for the sharing of information between the government and development partners to address macroeconomic and development issues,” said Mr. Shunsuke Bando, Senior Country Specialist of Asia Development.

“By attending this meeting, we are able to learn about the progress of the implementation of the development plan and fiscal situation which will help development partners understand the fiscal challenges and effectively identify what kind of support is needed,” said Mr Shunsuke.

The 2016 findings were presented by the International Monetary Fund Regional Resident Representative to Vietnam and Lao PDR, Mr. Jonathan Dunn.

The findings are very useful information for all participants to understand the challenges of Lao economic development and to direct development partners’ future operations.

At the meeting attended by over 50 participants from the government and development partners, a senior official of the World Bank Vientiane Office also presented the finding on the study on long term growth and constraints to businesses in Laos.


Source: KPL