Vientiane to Inspect Drinking Water Plants


Vientiane authorities have recently announced inspections on drinking water plants in and around the capital to check on hygiene and net volume to ensure safety and fairness for consumers.

Director of Vientiane Science and Technology Department Mr. Daophet Arloun told Vientiane Times that operations will start next month and this is the first year they have launched inspections on drinking water production facilities. It is expected the inspections will be conducted once a year into the future.

He said there are about 400 drinking water plants in the capital with the Vientiane Science and Technology Department being responsible for inspecting net volume while the Vientiane Health Department will inspect cleanliness.

He explained under the regulations all bottles filled at drinking water plants should contain amounts according to their label. For example, if a bottle of water is labelled as 330ml that’s how much water it should actually contain.

While this issue may not be immediately apparent to consumers and businesses, authorities wanted to ensure the regulations are properly implemented.

During the inspections officials from the Health Department will also inspect water used in the production process and the surrounding environment around all of the plants.

Mr. Daophet said the announcement asked all businesses to abide by the regulations as well as to continue doing so after the inspections.

Wrongdoers will be warned for a first time breach of the regulations and if they continue to break the rules they will be prosecuted according to the law.

However, authorities noted they have not previously received complaints from consumers regarding hygiene and the correct quantities of drinking water products.

The announcement of October 18 aims to protect both consumers and distributors by ensuring high quality drinking water is on sale to the public.


Source: Vientiane Times