SilkAir and Sabre Join Forces to Help Laos Grow Its Tourism Market

Luang Prabang, Laos - May 16 2015: Tourists shop in the famous night market in Luang Prabang just outside the Royal Palace complex and the Haw Pha Bang temple.

SilkAir and Sabre Corporation are backing Laos in the expansion of its tourism industry by making the airline’s new flights to the emerging destination available via the Global Distribution System (GDS).

The two companies inked a new distribution agreement, which opens SilkAir’s new Singapore-Laos fares and ancillary services to travel agents for booking through the Sabre Travel Marketplace.

It is the first time the air content will be available to travel agents via this channel.

The regional wing of Singapore Airlines launched its Singapore-Vientiane-Luang Prabang-Singapore flights on October 31 through a codeshare agreement with Lao Airlines.

Ryan Pua, SilkAir’s vice president, commercial, said the new routes would support Laos’s emergence as a popular international tourism destination.

The new service connects Laos with the joint Singapore Airlines and SilkAir network of over 100 cities worldwide via Singapore Changi Airport hub and connecting international flights.

“Now, through our agreement with Sabre these flights will also be made available to over 425,000 Sabre-connected travel agents globally, supporting further growth in travel bookings to and from Laos,” Pua added.

Hans Belle, vice president of supplier commerce and strategic partnerships for Sabre Travel Network Asia Pacific, said Laos has significant potential as an international tourism destination.

“Continued visitor growth is being further supported by a Government commitment to promote the industry, ongoing infrastructure development and the country’s entry into the ASEAN Economic Community last year.”

In 2015 total visitor numbers to Laos reached 4.6 million. Lao Tourism Development Department projects the number to double by 2025, reaching nine million.

Sabre is the first GDS to enable electronic ticketing of SilkAir tickets among authorised travel agents in Laos, which is a non-IATA Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) country.

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