Animal Vaccination Day Gives Boost to Livestock Health


The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is encouraging every province and district in the country to make sure livestock are vaccinated against common diseases.

Last year, animal disease outbreaks occurred in many provinces. Regular vaccination would improve the health of individual animals and also help to make entire areas disease free, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Dr Phouangparisak Pravongviengkham, said on Friday.

The deputy minister was speaking at an event in Phonxay village, Xaythany district, Vientiane, to mark National Animal Vaccination Day on November 11.

Farmers across the country are being urged to get their livestock vaccinated to decrease the number of unexpected animal deaths.

The day focused on the importance of vaccinating all livestock, as vaccinations can prevent terrible suffering and deaths among animals.

Today, more than 400 animals will be vaccinated, including buffaloes, cattle, goats, and pigs, Dr Phouangparisak said.

The ministry will focus on surveillance in high-risk areas, animal movement control and illegal trading. Officials instructed authorities around the country to carry out similar vaccination activities on this day.

This year, we hope that farmers cooperate so that 80-100 percent of animals in target districts are vaccinated. We would like to see 70 percent of livestock in towns vaccinated and 40 percent of animals in rural areas, Dr Phouangparisak added.

We’ll use more than 10 types of vaccine to protect livestock, including poultry, to prevent seasonal diseases, he said.

We selected November 11 as a suitable day for this initiative because this is when livestock gather in pens and most farmers have finished their rice harvesting. It is also the start of the cold season, when many animal diseases can occur.

An animal cannot tell you what it feels but diligent owners can spot signs that something is not right. But with some diseases, which can be prevented by vaccination, signs of illness may mean it is already too late.

According to the Xaythany agriculture and forestry office, people can bring their animals to be vaccinated at any district agriculture and forestry office from November 2016 to November 2017.

It is expected that over 600,000 animals will be vaccinated in Xaythany district this fiscal year.

Source: Vientiane Times