Laos Launches New Law Application


Members of the general public can now download an application about Lao laws via App store, a new choice for disseminating laws that was developed by the Law Dissemination Department, Ministry of Justice.

The launching ceremony of the Lao Law Application was held in Vientiane Capital on Monday Dec 5 in the presence of Minister of Justice Mr Xaysy Santivong, a country representative of United Nations Development Programme, and local media.

The new Lao Law Application aims to create favorable conditions for Lao people to simply gain and access the laws of Lao PDR. The app will give notifications via mobile phones about new and amended laws and help app users to look for specific words about law in both English and Lao.

The app will benefit students, translators, civil servants and private companies.

The mobile app has been developed since October 2015 by the Ministry of Justice.

Interested persons can do as follow: first open Safari to get access to for download and then access via App Store.

The ministry officially opened its website last year under the web address to promote state policies, laws and implementations by the justice sector,” said Mr Xaysy.


Source: KPL