Ministry Expected to Reveal Info Soon about Xekaman 3 Tunnel Burst


The Ministry of Energy and Mines is expected to reveal in the near future details about the penstock rupture incident of the Xekaman 3 hydropower project in Dak Chung in the southern province of Xekong.

The tunnel (sluice gate) that channels water into the powerhouse of the Xekaman 3 hydropower project ruptured in the morning of Dec 16 but no severe damage has been reported.

No security guards who were stationed at the dam were hurt when the incident took place. Only the dormitory of the staff of the Xekaman 3 Power Company Limited and one pickup truck, one SUV and two motorcycles were damaged. The properties belong to the company and its staff.

The initial investigation conducted by relevant officials revealed on Monday that the penstock of the dam, which seemed to have been improperly welt, ruptured when water pressure increased during an emergency switch off. The rupture point was discovered 150 m away from the powerhouse.

The incident didn’t result in damage to the barrage of the dam, according to Mr Phetsamone Khonepasith, Acting Director, Xekong Provincial Department of Energy and Mines.

Investigation into the damage caused by the incident is being conducted by relevant experts.

Built with an investment of US$273 million by the Vietnamese company Song Da, the hydropower power project was just put into operation in 2014.

The project is equipped with an installed generation capacity of 260 mw. The majority of power generated by the power plant is exported to Vietnam.


Source: KPL