Almost 1,000 Illegal Chainsaws Destroyed in Khammuan


A chainsaw destruction ceremony took place in Khammuan province recently, demonstrating that the government is getting stricter in the management and inspection of timber exploitation.

The destruction of the chainsaws aimed to implement Prime Minister’s Order No 15 issued recently to enhance the strictness of management and inspection of timber exploitation, timber movements and timber businesses.

The order also bans the export of unfinished wooden products. To realise the order, the relevant sectors have paid great attention over the recent months to inspecting timber exploitation in excess of granted quotas, the exploitation of timber without permission, and the exploitation of timber in preserved forests and protected forests.

This includes companies and involved persons in the illegal exploitation of timber, the ministry said.

After the order was released, provinces around the country have been enhancing their strictness in the management and inspection of timber exploitation, including the confiscation of unauthorised chainsaws for destruction.

Following the order, Khammuan provincial authorities destroyed almost 1,000 unauthorised chainsaws on Tuesday. An official in charge in Khammuan province said the police and authorities confiscated 973 chainsaws from villagers in Thakhaek district, which were brought for subsequent destruction.

He said the Khammuan provincial authorities have been paying attention to inspection and confiscated many chainsaws, especially in Khounkham and Xaybuathong districts.

Officials in provinces around the country are concentrating on the strict implementation of the Prime Minister’s Order No 15 issued to enhance strictness on the management and inspection of timber exploitation.

According to initial data reported recently by the task force committee, more than 55,421 cubic metres of illegal timber has been seized since the order.

Also confiscated were a number of vehicles and equipment used for illegal logging, including 11 snigging trucks, a bulldozer, a log crane vehicle, and a Toyota Fortuner amongst others. Some 1,253 chainsaws were also seized and destroyed.


Source: Vientiane Times