Cambodian PM Issues Warning to Laos over Border Violation; Troops at the Ready


Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has accused Laos of military encroachment onto Cambodian soil. He said soldiers from Laos have entered Cambodia and must leave by August 17, or suffer the consequences.

 Mr Hun Sen has now mobilized troops to the border area.

 As many as thirty Lao troops crossed from Laos into Cambodia near Stung Treng Province in April, according to news reports, and have remained in the area for long periods of time.

 “I am unable to keep patience,” said PM Hun Sen. “It’s not right that we fight each other but if they don’t withdraw, then we must. We are not declaring war, we just ask to get our own land back.”

 “I appeal to Laos Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith to withdraw troops from Cambodian territory,” the Cambodian Prime Minister added.

Experts say that such squabbles are common along the 540km land border between Laos and Cambodia, and many areas have not been officially demarcated.

State media in Laos has remained silent in regard to the issue.