New Law to Ensure Fair Compensation for Relocated Populations

Laos Compensation Resettlement

A new law will pave the way for fairer and faster compensation payouts for landowners that lose their property to development projects, according to a policy developer.

The draft law on stabilization of livelihoods will determine conditions to ensure people who lose property can enjoy better living conditions after relocation. According to the draft law, those relocated due to development projects will be fully compensated and will also be provided with new and permanent employment.

The law will be submitted to the National Assembly’s ordinary session for approval in April this year.

The current compensation scheme is determined under Prime Ministerial Decree No. 84, which stipulates that compensation must ensure better living conditions for relocated populations. However, the new law will be more comprehensive, and will further detail the procedures for providing new employment to resettled persons.

More responsibility will be placed on the project developer under the new law, who will be required to provide infrastructure and ensure acceptable living conditions, as well as providing training and assistance during the transition period.

The new law requires compensation be paid within 24 months, and any failure to comply, or delays caused by the project developer, will result in higher levels of compensation in line with market prices, ensuring property owners are treated fairly.


Source: Vientiane Times
Photo: Giovanni C. Lorusso