Feasibility Study for Vientiane-Paksé Expressway Needed

Artist's Impression of Vientiane-Paksé Expressway (photo credit: laoedaily.com.la)
Artist's Impression of Vientiane-Paksé ExpresswayArtist's Impression of Vientiane-Paksé Expressway (photo credit: laoedaily.com.la)

In line with the government’s development policy of transforming Laos into a landlinked, service hub through investing in the road network infrastructure, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport is currently seeking a firm to perform a study on the feasibility of an expressway from Vientiane to Paksé.

According to project experts, the aforementioned expressway would consist of the following road sections:

Phase 1: Paksane (Vientiane-Hanoi intersection) – Thakhaek (Road No. 12 Intersection) (164km)

Phase 2: Thakhaek (Road No. 12 Intersection) – Savannakhet (Road No. 9 Intersection) (117km)

Phase 3: Savannakhet (Road No. 9 Intersection) – Salavanh (Road No. 18 Intersection) (128km)

Phase 4: Salavanh (Road No. 18 Intersection) – Paksé (82km)

It has been reported that several companies have submitted letters of interest to the Public Works and Transport Ministry for this project and the latter is confident that one company will be chosen to perform the study by this year.

Source: Lao Economic Daily