Thailand’s Major Cineplex Moves into ITECC Shopping Mall


In its bid to become the top regional cinema chain operator, Thailand’s Major Cineplex has reached an agreement with TK Group, the parent company of LSX-listed Lao World Public Company, to operate in the latter’s ITECC Shopping Mall.

Thatnakhone Thammavong, President of TK Group and Lao World Public Company has signed a deal with Major Cineplex Group President Vicha Poolvaraluck allowing the latter to move into the 8th floor of ITECC Shopping Mall to upgrade the existing cinema there under the Major brand.

President of TK Group Thatnakhone Thammavong (left) shakes hands with Major Cineplex Group President Vicha Poolvaraluck (right)

The existing ITECC 8th floor cinema that covers over 2500 square meters of space is now closed for renovation. When finished, the new cinemas will be fully furnished with four state-of-the-art digital screens and 900 seats. It is expected to open in October of this year.

Major Cineplex views the Lao market as optimistic since its two cinema branches opened within the last three years in Laos – the first in Vientiane Center and the other in Friendship Mall Pakse.

Major Cineplex currently has six international branches with 33 screens – four branches in Cambodia (24 screens) and two in Laos (9 screens).

Source: ITECC Mall FB Page, Bangkok Post