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Laos Among Remote Countries with Best Internet

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Berlin-based online travel website Tourlane has named Laos as one of the most remote countries with the best Internet.

Laos took 3rd place in the ranking, for which the company used its data to create a shortlist of top vacation destinations for German travelers that are further than 4,000 km away from Germany.

This shortlist was then cross-referenced against each country’s internet connectivity. The final shortlist of 11 countries is based on three factors: Speed of mobile Internet, the cost of mobile Internet, and distance from Germany, according to a statement by Tourlane.

Mobile Internet speed per destination is based on data dated August from a leading online speed test site that displays the average download speed per country, while data from a leading price comparison site for Internet and telecommunications was used to determine the average cost of mobile Internet in each country.

In addition, the company used a “leading online mapping service” to determine the distance of the destinations from Germany.

Fiji crowned the ranking, followed by Chile.

Meanwhile, closer to home, Indonesia ranked 4th while Thailand ranked 5th.

The ranking result is a boon to Laos, which is currently bolstering its efforts to increase Internet accessibility.

The country launched a project in September to offer free Wi-Fi at landmarks in its capital Vientiane in a move to cater to not only the general public but also foreign visitors.

The project, supported by the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity will enable visitors to use the internet at frequently visited locations such as Wattay International Airport, Namphou Fountain, and Hor Phrakeo.

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