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Wat Sisaket Gets New Toilet Named After Korean City

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The World Toilet Association and South Korea’s city of Suwon have joined hands and installed a new toilet in Wat Sisaket in Vientiane.

The new toilet, dubbed “Suwon Toilet,” is a 27-square meter block equipped with cubicles for both male and female visitors as well as the disabled.

Wat Sisaket sees about 540 visitors on average per day, but toilet facilities are often cited as being the least satisfying party of any visit.

The association said it hopes this new toilet sets an example for future facilities development in the country.

The association is an international organization dedicated to protecting lives through the improvement of sanitation via toilets. The Inaugural General Assembly held in Seoul, South Korea, in 2007, hosted participants from 66 countries, including government officials in the fields of sanitation and public health, representatives from NGOs and other international organizations, and industry experts.

It began to support the construction of public toilets in nine African and Asian countries, including Ghana, Kenya, Mongolia, Cambodia and Laos between 2008 and 2009.

The association has built public restrooms in 35 locations in 16 countries by this year. Suwon Toilet in Vientiane is the 35th one.

This year, starting with Mongolia, it has set up public toilets in Laos and is also supporting construction in Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Wat Sisaket and other tourist sites around the capital are now also providing free wi-fi for tourists.

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