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Laos Confirms 15th Case of Covid-19

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Laos has announced its 15th case of Covid-19, involving a student returning from study abroad who traveled alongside two other confirmed cases.

A 20-year-old woman from Chommany Village in Vientiane’s Saysettha District has tested positive for the coronavirus, or Covid-19, after returning home from the United Kingdom.

The woman, who had been studying in Britain, returned to Laos from London’s Heathrow Airport on 22 March on Thai Airways flight TG 917 bound for Bangkok.

On 23 March she traveled from Bangkok to Vientiane’s Wattay Airport on flight TG 574, the same plane which carried another two passengers that tested positive for the virus, Case 11 and Case 12.

Upon arrival in Vientiane, the woman was greeted by the aunt of the individual known as Case 12, and joined her at their country home for isolation.

From 24 March to 4 April the two women self-isolated at the country home.

On 4 April the woman began to exhibit symptoms consistent with Covid-19 including a sore throat and difficulty breathing, and was tested at the Mittaphab “150 Bed” Hospital in Vientiane. Her initial test showed a negative result, and the woman returned to the country home of Case 12.

On 6 April the woman’s condition worsened, including further difficulty breathing and a temperature of 37 degrees celsius.

On 7 April she returned to the Mittaphab Hospital where she tested positive for the virus and is now being monitored.

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