PNG Man Becomes Eleventh Case of Covid-19 in Laos

Man from PNG working at Phu Bia Mining confirmed to have Covid-19

A man from Papua New Guinea has tested positive for Covid-19 in Laos, making him the eleventh case confirmed in the country.

The 55-year-old man, a citizen of Papua New Guinea, is an employee of Phu Bia Mining.

According to a report in the official Lao government website for Covid-19 updates, the man exhibited symptoms of Covid-19 including coughing and difficulty breathing and was subsequently tested at Vientiane’s Mittaphab “150 Bed” Hospital, one of the hospitals designated for coronavirus testing.

The man had traveled to Laos from his home in Papua New Guinea via Singapore on 22 March, then transited through Thailand on 23 March, before staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Vientiane Capital. From there he traveled to work at Phu Bia in a minivan with eleven other passengers.


  1. Hi Latsamay
    Hope all is well.

    I am from PNG and your story really striked me. Where you able to get more details about the PNG man you stated in your story? To date, PNG has not had one single local case in-country apart from the one imported case who has since recovered and air-lifted back to his country of origin.

    I am very interested and compelled to really find out more and really confirm this person’s identity as to whether or not he is really a PNG citizen at the same time ascertain if he is a local or immigrant.

    Thank you and I would really appreciate your feedback.

    PNG Citizen

  2. Latsamy,

    If this is a genuine news, what can’t we see it in our (PNG’s) local dailies?
    Don’t report unnecessary sourceless news that will give unnecessary panic and distress to my country men and women!

    -Robin Hood of PNG-

  3. Why pressing the panic button on PNG soils, when actually the case identified is outside of the country.

    PNG is protected by the angles of God. No covid-19 on PNG soils as far as God’s favour is upon PNG.
    The believers, servants of God lead by the PM is not a joke or expectation but declaring the sorvienity of God and His mercy and grace to be upon this nation.